Letter from Larry Strege


Larry "Doc" Strege wrote the following letter the day before attending our 60th class reunion  which was held on September 15, 2018.  A copy of this letter was just received by your reunion committee and we would like to share it with you. We thank Larry for his inspiring words.


Classmates '58

What it's like to take 60 steps across Highline's gym floor to become a grad?  At the time, 60 years ago it was exhilarating, but on this reunion eve it is beloved.  As a turn of phrase---we've come a long way baby!  Our class prexy honored many classmates but none so giving to this Pirate class as Martha Brock.  When Terry spoke of love in presenting Martha with the heart medallion for sevice to the class of '58, he spoke to our gratitude for being in this moment spanning sixty years.

A shout out for Terry is deserving as well.  And to all seven hundred classmaates, here and beyond, we have a great class.  So many of you have stepped up over the years it would be difficult for me to mention all of you.  The diversity of service to class '58 and our community is substantial and done without bravado.

One quick example is the Camp Waskowitz acquisition which Mr. Leonard Johnson, principal, Mr. Carl Jensen, Superintendent of Highline School District and Mr. Terry McCarthy, Student Body President, surreptitously put together.  As you may remember we donated noon movie money to this somewhat clandestine group for the "out of the box" real estate transaction to buy the former CCC camp.  It became an environmental lab (camp) for 6th graders within the Highline District.  Without details, it can be said our money went to a worthwhile "classroom" experience for elementary students including leadership opportunities for members of our class.  We were teacher aides for a week at Waskowitz.

All of this and more flashes by as we gather together.  And, we loved it!  Nothing pleased me more than to talk with old friends, including husbands of loving girlfriends from Highline '58, and to see classmates I served with in San Diego following June '58 graduation.  Most of all my mind flooded with passion for this  moment of sharing.

Just like those 60 steps at our 1958 Highline graduation, 60 years ago, collapsed time to a moment of appreciation for being  with you and knowing it's all good.

Love between the years and beyond,

Larry "Doc" Strege  '58 Classmate