Senior Class Theme was:  Faith in Tomorrow

Our Class Motto was:  Tis not too late to Seek a Newer World

Our Class Flower:  Gladiolus

Our Class Colors:  Coral and Gray


Senior Class Song:  Sung to the tune of  "On the Street where You Live"

We have often walked down these halls before

   But today our memories seem to linger more

All at once are we lost in reverie

   Knowing now we must soon say goodbye


There are memories in the heart of me

   All the teachers, games and friends that we so often see

In the coming fall we will miss you all

  And the things that are always so dear


And, Oh the saddening feeling--just to know

  that our years are past

But then the brightening feeling--just to know

   How well our memories will last.


People stop to say--we do wish you well

   And there are none else on earth that we would rather tell

Of the things we've done, seems they've just begun

   Now it's o'er and we'll be sailing on


Sailing On

Sailing On!  Sailing On!  Oer the Sea of Life

Sailing On! Sailing On!   Beginning Wordly Strife

Some go east, some go west, each his task to do

But we'll meet again to greet Highline friends so true


Sailing On!  Sailing On!   Our school days are past

Sailing On!  Sailing On!  We'll love you to the last

Love you to the Last


The Halls of Highline

O, We Love the Halls of Highline

That surround us here today

and we will not forget

Tho' we be far, far away


To the hallow'd Halls of Highline

Every voice with friendship rings

And memories of fellowship

Great joy always brings


One day a hush will fall

The footsteps of us all

Will echo down the hall and disappear

But as we sadly start our journeys far apart


A part of every heart will linger here

In the sacred Halls of Highline

Where we've lived and learned to know

That thru the years we'll see you

In the sweet afterglow


Highline High School Alma Mater

Through the Halls our voices ringing

Praising Alma Mater

Proudly we hear praises singing

As we stand together

Highline! Highline!

The purple and the gold

Loyally we pledge ourselves to our colors bold

words and music written by HHS 1950 grad Diane Williams Read


Just found the lyrics to some of our old fight songs

It's a great gang that goes to Highline,

     It's a great gang to know.

They are all full of pep and ginger,

     And their watch word is "let's go!"

They are always on the  level

     They are always fair and square.

It's a great gang that goes to Highline,

     And my heart's right there.


Highline will shine tonight, Highline will shine.

Highline will shine tonight, Highline will shine.

Highline will shine tonight, Highline will shine.

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up,

     Highline will shine.


Fight, fight, fight for old Highline High, win a victory.

Come on and win this game for purple and gold.

Best in the West and so we'll all do our best,

So on, on, on, on,on to the end,

Honor and glory we will win,

So fight, fight, fight for old Highline High and Victory!