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05/04/10 11:28 PM #1    

Thomas Ing

Oh dear!  Just these few messages on the forum?

Sharon and her mother are right about laughing out loud.  Even if people think you a little odd, smiling and laughing are windows into how truly happy you are.  There might be the occasional person who is jealous of your happiness (poor souls), but most are delighted to see it and are prompted into smiles of their own.



06/01/10 05:52 PM #2    

Ramona Hopping (Kechelen)

Smiling (and laughter) is contagious ... let's start an epidemic!  

Martha, it was a great visit with you, Judy Rehbein Pugh and Marilyn Greaves Graddon at Angelos during the first week of my stateside visit.  Now you know I have started enjoying the '58 Hiline website,  ... and marked it as a "favorite" .  I also voted in favor of a 55th reunion.

Best wishes to all ...




01/01/11 07:57 PM #3    


Rosetta Edwards (Kern)

 I am not very good at keeping up but I love the new look.....good job to whoever designed it

01/02/11 01:56 AM #4    


Sharon Oliver (Clay)

I also enjoyed my visit in July with Martha in Seattle, and my visit here in California with Lynne Legas Sizemore and her husband Pat, in October.  I also enjoy the annual Christmas letters from high school friends.  Yes, we still do write only if it is once a year. I enjoy hearing from Ramona Hopping Kechelen, Mollie Miller & Fred Lamoureaux, from Dorothy Labrum Gill - who now lives in Canada in Prince Rupert, and from Martha and even once in awhile from Judy Kinsman Beatty,  and Betty Harrell McGuckin. Friendships that have lasted that long are wonderful.

Sharon Oliver Clay

02/29/12 07:33 PM #5    

Marie Kennelly (Brewer)

I think we have all passed out 70th year by now.  How many think of themselves as old or elderly?  I sure don't!  I wonder if having a 6 year old granddaughter makes me feel younger as I enjoy life through her eyes.  Sometimes I do feel older as we compete at Kinect games!  She always makes me smile.

09/28/12 08:53 PM #6    


Bev Malland

I, like Marie above, do not feel old or elderly!!  I truly feel like I'm still about 50 (something).  Keeping active and having a true love of life, I think, are always helpful in one's outlook.  I am ever moved by how many of us in the Class of '58 have already passed on.  Let's all make it a real goal to live every day to its fullest and give back to those less fortunate.  Hope to see you all at our 55th Reunion!  Love, Bev Malland

02/28/17 12:13 PM #7    

Ramona Hopping (Kechelen)

And the winner is ..... ooops, wrong envelope .......  

Bo's amazing  comeback  must be some sort of record!!!!!   Now he knows how classmates remember him and treasure our Hiline memories!!!!!  ...  Best wishes  to everyone and hope to see you at our 60th Reunion!    Ramona Hopping Kechelen

05/31/19 12:24 AM #8    


Marion Knighton (Whiteman)

Dear Class of 1958...especailly those at our 60th Reunion,

Please check out Larry "Doc" Strege's letter as an  overview the day after our 60th reunion.  He hit it out of the park.  Spot on, Larry!  Thank you for sharing with us.  Love, Marion

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